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Named as CHAXX KIAM CHEUNG,born December 16,1992 somewhere over the rainbow.Graduated my high school years at De La Salle John Bosco College (HS Batch 2008) in Surigao Del Sur.Studied INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY at Holy Cross of Davao College (SY 2008-2009 and SY 2009-2010) . Currently enrolled as a FINE ARTS student Major in Fashion Illustration and Styling at Philippine Women's College of Davao.

Been in this wonder world of web since Grade 6.Had experienced creating websites,blogs and others.Been a blogger for almost 5 years,hosted blogs and websites for about a year now and reviewed some of the fabulous blogs online for almost 3 months.An IMAGE MODEL , A DESIGNER , A CAMERA whore , a FACEBOOK addict , a PHOTOSHOP freak and a VOODOO B*TCH :))

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i miss you
Thursday, June 10, 2010 /12:44 PM / 1 comments

finally! after several weeks of beeing hiatus nakapag'blog na din ng bonggang bongga . Super busy sa school and sa career ng over over . Yey! it's june, first month ko as a FINE ARTS MAJOR IN FASHION DESIGN student . So, excited for my new course,new school,new classmates,new teachers,new set of friends,lahat lahat. As of now, im so pressured by this fashion design stuffs , our teacher assigned us to do 5 designs/compositions asap and it was like OMG! I DONT HAVE ANY IDEAS , MENTAL BLOCKED AKO NGAYON . So, all i have to do for the rest of the days before the deadline is to look for inspirations for our designs. Im thinking for a 80's or vintage style/concept but im not yet sure if its ok with them.

Hopefully, this will be the final course na pag'bubuhusan ko ng full powers as in to the maximum level. And hopefully din na makakita ako ng new set of friends kasi as of now im so loner pa since im still new sa school.

Kayo? Whats your story sa first day of school niyo? Masaya ba? Kwento mo naman teh?

hehehehehehehehehe <3 <3 be right back


Ay bongga, teh! Hahaha. =)) Wow. I like your course.

Okay naman first day ko. Ngayon medyo adjusted na ako sa College life. Kahit na 3rd choice ko yung pinakuhang course saakin. Kailangan ko gustuhin para maayos ang pag-aaral. Wag daw ako mag inarte. HAHA! =))

Gusto ko makita mga gagwin mong style. Magadang concept kapag vintage-y or retro-ish. Hippie din. ;)

By Anonymous Shekinah, at July 11, 2010 at 3:23 AM  

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